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First Saturday of the month, 7-9pm

A warm and welcoming group, 1-1 support with one of our peers supporters, the opportunity to get creative, or just pop along, have a cuppa and meet others. We occasionally have group discussions discussing life issues, based on Kintsugi Hope, and run the occasional workshop.


Tuesdays 2-4pm 

Please contact us first as spaces are limited due to room size.

A mid-week get together with creative activities.


1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, 1-2pm

All our groups are held at the Chalkstone Community in Haverhill.

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Each of us at LHOH, understand how it feels living with mental health illnesses, and some of us have been in those incredibly difficult places, where you just want the pain to stop.

We cannot take the pain of what you're experiencing away, but we can walk together with you through those difficult times, so you are not alone.

We are not health professionals and are unable to offer any therapeutic advice, but we can share our own experiences of recovery with you, and support you in moving forward too.

For many of our volunteers, relationships and creativity have played a big part in their own personal recovery and in supporting their wellbeing. It also plays a big part in the the services we offer. 



We use creativity in our drop-in groups mainly to promote and support positive wellbeing. Creativity opens up a world of opportunities for mindfulness and as a way of expressing emotions.

Research: how arts can help | Mental Health Foundation

We have a wide selection of activities to chose from, and we will also encourage and support you to try new crafts and build skills by holding workshops and providing the right materials for any creative interests you might have.

Acrilic Paints


We understand its not always easy asking for help and support, but we can help you to connect with other local services or voluntary organisations who may be able to provide further support to help you.

Building a support network of friends, family and local services can have such a benefit on our mental health, especially in reducing isolation. For more information on this, we have included a useful link:

The Importance of Having a Support System - Mental Health First Aid

Image by Neil Thomas
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We welcome people from all different backgrounds, and whatever your circumstance, we are here as a non-judgemental, warm and friendly welcoming group.

When you first attend, we will explain to you a little about us, and what you might be hoping to get from the group. 

We operate on a drop-in basis and you do not need to attend every week... Some people come along just to craft, others may just want a chat and emotional support.

We appreciate it can take a while to form relationships, and we will support you as much as we can to make it easier, and also encourage you to get to know other members.


There is no time limit on how long you can use the service, however we will review this with you on a regular basis to ensure the group is working for you and how we could make it better.

Our aim is to empower you to live a meaningful and purposeful life and build our a strong support network around you, and we understand we may be a part of that for a little while.

You may have found that by attending our groups, you would like to volunteer with us, or possibly run some craft activities or to support others in the group. We welcome, encourage and will support you with this.


We do not share any personal information about yourselves, unless we have a genuine concern for the safety and wellbeing of yourself or someone else. In these instances, we will always talk to you first.

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