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Peer Supporter and Project Lead

Both connection and creativity have been a vital role in supporting my own wellbeing. I've learnt that meaningful connections, no matter how small, can have the greatest impact on our wellbeing, and they can be found absolutely anywhere - not just with the people who love and care about you, but in the places you'd least expect to find them, like at the bus stop with a stranger, someone on the end of a phone, or with that friend you see once every few years... those moments!

Creativity opens a whole world of possibilities and comes in so many forms. Not only does it slow things down, and brings your thoughts back to the present, but I love how it allows your inner child to come out and play. Yes, I agree, perfectionism has to go right out the window, but when you've finished something, recognising that every misspelling, wobbly line and cracked piece of pottery is yours, makes it a masterpiece in its own right!

Personal Interests:

food / nature / yarn



Peer Supporter

Something I value highly in life is my time and quite often we all feel increasingly under pressure to "do more" in our busy lives, whether it's work harder, exercise more, travel further, socialise more, study further and so on.

Inevitably something will give - quite often mental health is the first to fall, yet so hard to acknowledge.

As a Christian, I feel strongly about giving to those in need and giving my time to help the healing of others has been paradoxically necessary in my own mental health wellbeing.

Whilst not naturally creative, it's been heaps of fun trialling the activities on offer at LHOH and I've found that when you put your focus and energy into something without expectation or agenda, you can be surprised and enthralled by the outcome. And if not, the company will make up for it!

Personal interests:

sport / gardening / reading



Group Facilitator

I have been part of the LHOH team for about six months, and during that time it has been great to see people become more open and friendships beginning to happen in a safe and accepting environment.

The creativity in the group always impresses me, everyone is willing to give new things a go.

Personal interests:

reading / gardening / interior design



Peer Supporter

I moved to Haverhill in December 2011 with my family.

I have a keen interest in drama, dance, art and other creative ideas and activities as a way of expression. 

I am excited to be a part of LHOH to support and work with people in our community to heal and explore their potential through creativity and fun.



Peer Supporter

Profile Coming

Meet the Team: Team Members


We always appreciate the generosity and involvement those who kindly contribute their time to making our support groups happen! 

We are currently looking for caring and passionate individuals to provide

peer support to those struggling with their mental health, and help with the running of our groups. Details are as follows:

Peer Supporters:

  • DBS required

  • Safeguarding Training

  • Mental Health awareness and Suicide First Aid training

  • Active listening training

  • Providing 1-1 emotional support

  • Lived experience preferable.

3-4 hours on the 1st Saturday of the month.

Group facilitators:

  • DBS required

  • Safeguarding training

  • Understanding of mental health desirable.

  • Chatting in group settings.

  • Setup/Clear down.

  • Help with refreshments.


Occasional we run workshops - if you have a skill you do or would like to teach to our members, please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you!

Please contact 07756 973611 or email if you are interested! 

Meet the Team: Donate
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