Each of our peer supporters have a personal lived experience of mental health illness, and additional training in Mental Health Awareness, Safeguarding, Suicide First Aid and Active Listening.



Connections and creativity have definitely played a vital role in supporting my own mental health.

For me, connections are made through my faith and those who genuinely love and support you, as well those people you've never met before who you can instantly relate to, and share those 'me too' moments with.

A friend taught me to crochet four years ago, and the first thing I made was a cushion cover. Nope, it wasn't perfect, but suddenly the word 'creativity' became more than just mindful colouring..

Creativity opens a whole world of possibilities - it ticks the mindfulness box, provides a purpose, and gives you that amazing feeling of... 'I made that'. Perfectionism has to go right out of the window, as there is no right way of doing any art. The simple fact that you have tried and attempted, makes every piece of creativity a masterpiece and uniquely yours.

Personal Interests:

food / nature / yarn



I started my working life training as a quantity surveyor for a small local company. During my first year with the company, we had a contract to inspect social housing in Islington (the most densely populated borough in the UK according to the 2011 census).

We would visit 3 days a week and enter about 20 houses a day to do a condition report. Some of the experiences of such poor conditions people were expected to live in still motivates me to do better today.

Having OCD that affects me in daily life has always given me an understanding of invisible pain, I aim to use the knowledge and experiences of my personal and working life to shape the service that I work for.

Over my career I have experienced the direct impact that suicide has on individuals and wider community, I am part of a local group tackling the issues that lead to suicide.

Personal interests:

art / family / matt black cars



Something I value highly in life is my time and quite often we all feel increasingly under pressure to "do more" in our busy lives, whether it's work harder, exercise more, travel further, socialise more, study further and so on.

Inevitably something will give - quite often mental health is the first to fall, yet so hard to acknowledge.

As a Christian, I feel strongly about giving to those in need and giving my time to help the healing of others has been paradoxically necessary in my own mental health wellbeing.

Whilst not naturally creative, it's been heaps of fun trialling the activities on offer at LHOH and I've found that when you put your focus and energy into something without expectation or agenda, you can be surprised and enthralled by the outcome. And if not, the company will make up for it!

Personal interests:

sport, gardening, reading



I moved to Haverhill in December 2011 with my family.

I have a keen interest in drama, dance, art and other creative ideas and activities as a way of expression. 

I am excited to be a part of LHOH to support and work with people in our community to heal and explore their potential through creativity and fun.



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